Fully distributed permanent storage solution designed specifically for NFT data.

Built for scalability, redundancy, and security, Cascade is a lightweight storage protocol powered by the Pastel Network. Pay once, store forever.

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Cascade makes reliable distributed storage a reality.

Cascade leverages advanced fountain code algorithms and distributed systems to partition NFT data into a series of highly redundant chunks that are randomly distributed across nodes. No complex or centralized system for deciding which node is responsible for which file, no iteration through nodes to find one with the relevant data, and no complicated logic for handling re-allocation in the case of nodes entering and leaving the network.

No more storage complexity.

No more asset risk.

No more data loss.

Before Cascade, asset storage was inefficient and unreliable. The likelihood of data loss was high and the accessibility of the actual NFT was never certain. Cascade solves these challenges through permanent distributed storage of NFT data, on-chain. And all a user needs to do is register the NFT.

Truly Distributed Storage for a Decentralized World

By storing the NFT data on-chain through a first-of-its-kind approach and utilizing truly innovative algorithms, users will never have to worry about losing their assets.


Never again worry about data loss


Added safety net for additional reliability


Never worry if the file is “too big”


Creativity and expression will not be hindered by file type

Negligible Cost

High gas fees are a thing of the past


Third-party integration has never been more seamless

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